The world in which I live

Reception Date: Nov 17, 2004 Curator: Regional Museum of Fine Arts Rostov-on-Don Russian Federation


11/17/20041 min read

Ministry of Culture of the Rostov Region STATE INSTITUTION OF CULTURE "ROSTOV REGIONAL MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS" 344002, Rostov-on-Don, Pushkinskaya St., 115 May 5, 2004 REFERENCE No. 135 Given to Bondarenko Yevgeniy Vasilievich that he participated in the exhibition-competition of young artists of the Don "The World I Live In", organized by the Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts in April 2004 with the following works:

  1. "Evening", 2004, oil on canvas, 60x45

  2. "Studio", 2004, canvas, oil, 65x53

  3. "Windy Day", 2004, canvas, oil, 31x41 Senior researcher of the Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts, G.I. Golovkina.

The Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts held an exhibition-competition for young artists in April 2004, where Evgeny Bondarenko participated with three remarkable artworks. The theme of the exhibition was "The World I Live In", which aimed to showcase the personal perspectives and creative expressions of young artists in the Don region.

Bondarenko's paintings, "Evening", "Studio", and "Windy Day", demonstrate his artistic skills and unique approach to capturing everyday moments and experiences. Through his brushstrokes and use of oil on canvas, he creates a captivating and realistic portrayal of the scenes he depicts.

The Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts recognized Bondarenko's talent and contribution to the exhibition, as reflected in the reference given to him by the senior researcher of the museum, G.I. Golovkina. This acknowledgment serves as an inspiration and motivation for young artists to pursue their passion for art and continue to hone their skills and express their creativity.

The Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts has been a vital institution in promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of the Don region. Through exhibitions, events, and educational programs, the museum provides opportunities for artists and audiences to engage with the arts and appreciate its value in our society.