He's known for his city sketches, which are highly structured and detailed, focuses on the lifestyles and perceptions of the people who live in the cities he visits.

Being born and raised in Russia, Evgeny currently lives in Taiwan. Since 2008 he has explored cities across six different countries, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao, Moscow, St Petersburg, Paris, and Taipei.

Evgeny Bondarenko creates traditional media and digital paintings and illustrations, and comics.

Clients / Cooperation:


Shanghai Urban Planning Museum

Yunlin Storyhouse

Zhongping Road Story House

New Taipei City Hakka Museum in Sansia

Taoyuan Hakka Culture Hall



The Peak Galleria

Art residencies:

The SWATCH Art Peace Hotel



Yunlin County Government



Taiwan Storyteller Society

Taiwan Ministry of Culture

Taoyuan City Government

Featured by:


China Airlines

Deutsche Welle


Taiwan Daily Network








Featured in:

The World of Urban Sketching

Inflight magazine of China Airlines “Dynasty”

Understanding Perspective

The Shanghai Literary Review

The world of Urban Sketching bookThe world of Urban Sketching book
Taiwan Urban Sketch Artbook Evgeny BondarenkoTaiwan Urban Sketch Artbook Evgeny Bondarenko
Russia and France Urban Sketch Artbook Evgeny BondarenkoRussia and France Urban Sketch Artbook Evgeny Bondarenko
Chinese Cities Urban Sketch Artbook Evgeny BondarenkoChinese Cities Urban Sketch Artbook Evgeny Bondarenko
Hong Kong Urban Sketch Artbook Evgeny BondarenkoHong Kong Urban Sketch Artbook Evgeny Bondarenko
Shanghai Urban Sketch Artbook Evgeny BondarenkoShanghai Urban Sketch Artbook Evgeny Bondarenko
Taste of Huwei book by Evgeny BondarenkoTaste of Huwei book by Evgeny Bondarenko
Shanghai Zen book illustrated by Evgeny BondarenkoShanghai Zen book illustrated by Evgeny Bondarenko
Taiwan Sketchbooks. Artbook by Evgeny BondarenkoTaiwan Sketchbooks. Artbook by Evgeny Bondarenko



  • Yunlin Storyhouse 15th anniversary, december 17, Huwei, Yunlin, Taiwan.

  • Publication “The World of Urban Sketching” by Stephanie Bower

  • Personal exhibition, “Taiwan Stands with Ukraine”, Redroom Rendezvous, Taipei, Taiwan. 1.06.22-31.08.22


  • Personal exhibition “Treasure Hunter”, Huwei Salon, Yunlin, Taiwan, september-december 2021

  • Yunlin Story House-Artist-in-residence, august-october

  • Personal exhibition “Unnoticed moments”, Huwei, Yunlin storyhouse

  • Urban sketch workshop, Huwei, Yunlin. august 7, 14, 28, september 4.

  • Published books: “Russia, France”, “Shanghai”, “Hong Kong”, “Chinese cities”, “Taiwan”.

  • Outdoor urban sketch workshop for “Let’s Art Taipei”, May 2, Qingpu, Taiwan.


  • Yunlin Story House-Artist-in-residence, august-october

  • Lecture about sketching urban landscapes, “Truth in itself”, Taiwan, Zhongli, Zhonping Story House, 25 july

  • Published Book “Taste of Huwei”

  • Personal exhibition “Huwei landmarks”, Yunlin Story House


  • Creative Season of Ancient City Ⅱ-Ancient City New Paradise 受邀桃園市博愛特區文創發展協會 「古城區創生季Ⅱ-古城新樂園」活動計畫 01 – 31 october

  • Participating in the morning TV show “Wholesome morning”, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 11 december.

  • New City-Scape Taoyuan Land art festival, Taoyuan, 6-22september 2019


  • Personal exhibition, New Taipei Hakka Garden Sketch Watercolor Solo Exhibition 受邀桃園地景藝術節 裝置藝術佈置,推動城市美學創作 Department of Hakka Affairs New Taipei, Taiwan, 18 august – 14 october

  • Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival 受邀桃園市博愛特區文創發展協會 「古城區創生季Ⅱ-古城新樂園」活動計畫 14-30 september

  • Publication at Inflight magazine of China Airlines “Dynasty”


  • Personal exhibition, Department of Hakka Affairs Taoyuan, Taiwan, 7-29 october.

  • Art festival «ARTANKARA», Turkey, 16-19 march.

  • Publication in «The Shanghai Literary Review». China, Shanghai

  • Group exhibition «Dialogs about landscape». Russia, Moscow, Vinzavod 6-26 december


  • Personal exhibition «the wind of faraway lands» Moscow, State Library for Youth, 1-17march

  • Personal exhibition «First time in China» Moscow, art center «Nest»

  • Group exhibition «Matite In Viaggio.Carnets disegni parole Matite In Viaggio» Venice, 30 september

  • Published book includes my drawings: «Understanding Perspective» USA, San Francisco (author Stephanie Bower)

  • Group exhibition «Borderline, «Wordshop gallery», Vinzavod, Moscow. 28 october

  • Group exhibition «Swiss Art Studio Annual Exhibition», Hong Kong cultural centre, 28-30 october

  • Personal exhibition «Urban Sketch» Hazel&Hershey, Hong Kong 4-25 october

  • Booth at art festival «Sai Kung Art And About». Hong Kong 3-4 december

  • Group Exhibition «SKAAA» HongKOng, Sai Kung Jockey Town Hall, 3-4december

  • Group exhibition «Рассуждение о пейзаже» WORDSHOP GALLERY. Vinzavod, Moscow 6 december.

  • Charity art auction supported by «foodlink» Hong Kong, Central, PMQ, Sohofama


  • Personal exhibition «World cities» Kokuyo Showroom. Shanghai, China. october-december

  • Personal exhibition «Art of Wall» Xian, October

  • Group charity exhibition (with red cross) «Stories in town», The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong, august


  • 11th International Contemporary Art Exhibition from Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean Hangzhou, China, october 2014

  • Exhibition “Russian Art” in Dezhou city Museum. Dezhou, Shāndōng, China. May

  • Masterclass in Jǐnán University. Drawing and painting. Shāndōng, China. May

  • Masterclass of Drawing in Dezhou Univercity. Shāndōng, China. May

  • International Art Exhibition and charity «Children around the World», Shanghai Urban PlanningMuseum, Shanghai, China. march

  • Personal exhibition «Impulse of Life» in the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, Shanghai, China. march

  • Published book (“Shanghai Zen” collaboration with Genevieve Flaven)


  • Invited artist at The SWATCH Art Peace Hotel. Shanghai, China. February – July

  • Personal exhibition “Shanghai lines”, Little victories gallery, Shanghai, China june

  • Personal exhibition “Impulse of life”, Xitang, China

  • International exhibition, Xitang, China

  • Personal exhibition “Weekdays — Russian Artist in Shanghai”, Shanghai, China march

  • Personal exhibition “Landscapes of Rostov-on-Don”, Rostov-on-Don, Russia january


  • Exhibition, “Boulevard of Arts”, the Moscow day, Moscow, Russia

  • Exhibition, “Peace Art” art festival, Moscow, Russia

  • Exhibition “Art-Rostov”, Vertol Expo, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

  • Personal Exhibition, “Fluorescent pictures”, club Kuba Libre, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

  • Personal Exhibition, “Faces”, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

  • Personal Exhibition, “Bukowski” Art Laboratory JAM, Moscow, Russia

  • Personal Exhibition, “Movies Night” Cineplex IMAX Cinema, Moscow, Russia


  • Don Palette, the regional festival of arts, Rostov-on-Don,Russia

  • Kinesthetic realism, Rostov-on-Don,Russia

  • Charles Bukowski, Rostov-on-Don,Russia

  • Lovers, Rostov-on-Don,Russia


  • Awarded the Gold Medal in nomination ”social poster“ at the Fourth All-Russian Delphic Games. Ryazan, Russia.

  • Artist in All-Russian open-air drawing, dedicated to 100 years Sholokhov writer, the exhibition of his estate was in Veshki


  • The world in which I live, Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Rostov-on-Don,Russia

  • Awarded for the «Best of the original decision of the theme» the competition «I paint the world» in Rostov-on-Don (organizer: State University of Transport)

Evgeny Bondarenko events and exhibitions: