Evgeny Bondarenko, a world-renowned city sketch artist with a reputation for capturing the essence of urban landscapes, is proud to present his latest art series, "36 views to Taipei 101." Inspired by the beauty and cultural significance of Hokusai's "36 views of Mount Fuji," Bondarenko sought to pay tribute to this iconic series through his own artistic interpretation.

Taipei 101 holds a special place in Bondarenko's heart and serves as a symbol of resilience and hope for the citizens of Taipei. The iconic tower's internal pendulum, which helps to counterbalance earthquakes and typhoons, serves as a metaphor for the strength and balance of individuals facing adversity. Bondarenko sought to celebrate this architectural and engineering marvel through his art, and to share its beauty with the locals who see it every day.

36 views to Taipei 101

Bondarenko's approach to city sketching is highly structured and detailed, requiring a great deal of research and preparation. He takes the time to explore the lanes and alleys of each city he visits, seeking out the beauty in everyday life. Bondarenko's dedication to his craft is evident in the time and effort he puts into each sketch, which can take countless hours to complete. In addition to his attention to detail, Bondarenko's city sketches are truly works of art that stand out due to their unique approach to capturing the essence of urban landscapes.

A key aspect of Bondarenko's creative process is drawing inspiration from the real environment. He spends a lot of time walking the streets of a city, seeking out interesting and special, yet typical locations that capture the city's character and way of life. By portraying a variety of locations with different features, Bondarenko is able to gather a collection of individual moments and experiences that together convey the feeling and vision of the whole city and its inhabitants.

For his "36 views to Taipei 101" series, Bondarenko used watercolor as the medium and employed his signature techniques to create precise and detailed lines with carbon ink, giving the illustrations a clean and polished look. He hopes that this series will provide a fresh and unique perspective on the iconic Taipei 101 tower and the streets of Taipei, and serve as a fitting tribute to Hokusai's "36 views of Mount Fuji.

36 views to Taipei 101 illustration by artist Evgeny Bondarenko
36 views to Taipei 101 illustration by artist Evgeny Bondarenko

You can check out this map of the places that I have illustrated views from.