Nov 09, 2010 The art of portraiture has always been a way to capture the essence of an individual or a group of people. In the modern era, photographers have been the primary medium for this, but artist Evgeny Bondarenko has found a unique way to portray couples through his portrait drawings. Bondarenko's recent exhibition aimed to explore the dynamics of couples and what keeps them together in relationships. His approach was to use portrait drawing as a form of research to observe different couples and their interactions. Through his work, Bondarenko discovered that the most crucial element in maintaining a healthy relationship is having a comfortable and happy atmosphere. In this article, we will take a closer look at Bondarenko's exhibition and the insights he gained from his artistic exploration. Rostov-on-Don Russian Federation


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Evgeny Bondarenko artwork Lovers
Evgeny Bondarenko artwork Lovers

I've been drawing all my life, I don't remember when I started, my parents told me. Since 2002, I decided to take it seriously. I studied as a programmer, but then I realized that this is not mine. In every environment, there are its templates, and in my environment, it was considered something silly to draw. After all, I studied at an ordinary school in Bataysk, not in Italy or France. I entered the Grekov School, then the institute for graphic arts, but I still haven't finished it because it's hard to attend. Now I have an adult life, I need to think about how to earn money. Often, a person creates something romantic in creativity, but in life, they just get married. He himself is detached from life, lives in his fairy tales. I prefer the image of an artist who is like a magazine or book: he helps people better understand life, but for this, he himself must understand it. And learning to make a living is a much bigger institute than studying at an institute.

The leap in my creativity occurred at the moment when I realized that my perception of preference is based on kinesthesia (body sensations, movement, weight), and only then on visual perception. In psychology, such people are called kinesthetic. Hence I came up with a name for my style: kinesthetic realism. My line as if envelops the object of observation, touches its very flesh, sharpened in the plane of paper and canvas, it seems to strive to comprehend the complex forms and phenomena that are beyond its boundaries. The intuitive method allows you to feel, "hear" the impulse of a completed, holistic image, which remains only to reveal, "release" into our world.

Evgeny is an artist who created an exhibition featuring portrait drawings of different couples. The main idea behind the project was to understand what keeps couples together in relationships. By observing and drawing various couples, Evgeny was able to conduct research on this topic.

Through his research, Evgeny Bondarenko discovered that the most important quality for a successful relationship is a comfortable and happy atmosphere. The exhibition showcases these portrait drawings and serves as a visual representation of the importance of creating a positive environment for couples.

The exhibition is a unique approach to understanding relationships and provides insight into the dynamics of couples. By focusing on the emotions and interactions between partners, Evgeny's artwork highlights the importance of nurturing a healthy and happy relationship.