Fourth All-Russian Delphic Games

Reception Date: May 05, 2005 Ryazan Russian Federation


5/5/20051 min read

Уvgeniy Bondarenko, a talented young artist, was awarded the gold medal in the category of poster design at the Fourth Youth Delphic Games of Russia "We Remember..." held on May 5, 2005.

The Youth Delphic Games of Russia is a prestigious event that brings together young artists and performers from across the country to showcase their talents and creativity. The theme of the fourth edition of the games, "We Remember...", aimed to commemorate the events of World War II and honor the memory of the fallen soldiers.

Bondarenko's winning poster design captured the essence of the theme with its powerful imagery and message. The award was presented by the Chairman of the Executive Committee of NID Russia, V.N. Ponyavin, and the Chairman of the jury, M.N. Avvakumov, who recognized the exceptional quality of Bondarenko's work and the impact it had on the audience.

Bondarenko's success at the Fourth Youth Delphic Games of Russia is a testament to his artistic talent and his dedication to his craft. His work serves as an inspiration to other young artists to pursue their passions and to create meaningful and impactful art that can make a difference in the world.