"Creative Season of Ancient City Ⅱ-Ancient City New Paradise" 受邀桃園市博愛特區文創發展協會 「古城區創生季Ⅱ-古城新樂園」活動計畫

The Taoyuan Land Art Festival, a vibrant celebration of artistic expression and cultural exploration, showcases a diverse range of artworks and installations in the Taoyuan region. One notable participant in the festival is 林仁亞 (Bondarenko Evgeny), whose artistic contributions captivate audiences with their creativity and thought-provoking nature. Curator: Taoyuan City Pok Oi Cultural Taoyuan Taiwan


10/9/20192 min read

Artistic Vision and Contributions: 林仁亞 brings a unique perspective to the Taoyuan Land Art Festival, contributing to the collective artistic narrative through their innovative creations. Their artwork, titled "Hide-and-seek in Taoyuan," collaboratively developed with 陳杏芬 (CHEN Olivia) and 張伊帥 (CHANG Yi-Shuai), offers an engaging experience for both children and adults alike. The installation utilizes sturdy and portable culverts as its primary material, with hidden cat-themed drawings enticing participants to play a game of hide-and-seek.

林仁亞's artistic approach goes beyond mere visual aesthetics, as their work promotes interactivity and community engagement. By integrating elements of playfulness and imagination, they foster a connection between art and the local community, encouraging residents and visitors to explore and interact with the installation.

Exploring Cultural Exchange: The Taoyuan Land Art Festival serves as a platform for cultural exchange, allowing artists like 林仁亞 to contribute to the diverse fabric of Taoyuan's artistic landscape. The festival embraces collaborations between artists from different backgrounds, creating an environment that celebrates the fusion of artistic styles, techniques, and ideas.

林仁亞's participation in the festival not only showcases their artistic talent but also serves as a bridge for cultural exchange. By collaborating with local artists and engaging with the community, 林仁亞 fosters a sense of unity and mutual understanding, enriching the festival experience for all participants.

Impacts and Reflections: The participation of 林仁亞 and other artists in the Taoyuan Land Art Festival demonstrates the power of art in transforming public spaces and creating a sense of place. Their contributions encourage dialogue, provoke thought, and inspire individuals to view their surroundings in new and imaginative ways.

Through the integration of art into the fabric of the community, the festival fosters a sense of pride and ownership among the residents of Taoyuan. It stimulates cultural conversations and encourages individuals to reflect on their heritage, history, and shared future.

林仁亞's involvement in the Taoyuan Land Art Festival exemplifies the festival's commitment to showcasing diverse artistic expressions and promoting cultural exchange. Their interactive installation, "Hide-and-seek in Taoyuan," invites participants of all ages to engage in a playful exploration of the local environment, encouraging a deeper connection between art, community, and cultural heritage.

By embracing artists like 林仁亞 and their unique perspectives, the Taoyuan Land Art Festival enriches the cultural landscape of Taoyuan, fostering creativity, collaboration, and appreciation for the arts. It serves as a testament to the transformative power of art and its ability to create meaningful connections within communities.