Evgeny Bondarenko won the first place in a competition with his poster design at the Fourth Youth Delphic Games of Russia. The event was held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The Delphic Games are a series of cultural and artistic competitions that were revived in 1997 after being banned for over a millennium. Bondarenko's poster depicts a boy in his grandfather's military coat, decorated with medals, conveying the pride of being a defender of the motherland. The article also mentions the importance of developing young people's creative abilities, patriotism, and citizenship. It notes that Bondarenko's success was partly due to the guidance of his teacher, Alexey Kurmanaevsky, who helped him carefully craft the image and details of the poster. The article ends by saying that Bondarenko's work will now be featured in international Delphic Games. The article was published in the newspaper Vpered, in the city of Bataysk, in 2005.


8/17/20052 min read

Article in the newspaper Vpered. Bataysk City, 2005


Bataysk resident Evgeny Bondarenko, a student at the Rostov Art School named after M.B. Grekov, won first place among 49 entries with his poster at the fourth youth Delphic Games of Russia with the theme "We pretend..." The games were held in accordance with the list of major events to prepare and celebrate the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The Delphic Games aim to promote the creative abilities and harmonious personal development of Russian youth, while also shaping their civic-patriotic positions through examples of bravery and heroism of the peoples of Russia during the years of the Great Patriotic War from 1941-1945. It is very pleasant to note that the residents of Bataysk, represented by Evgeny Bondarenko, showed themselves in the best possible light at this competition.

This year's Delphic Games, which were held in Ryazan, were special. They were organized to identify and develop talented young people in creative fields. Evgeny is in his second year of the painting department.

OUR REFERENCE The official birthdate of the Delphic Games is considered to be 582 BC. According to legend, the great Delphic festival began when the god Apollo arranged musical competitions. Along with the Olympic Games, the Delphic Games were banned, but were revived in 1997 when the First World Youth Delphic Games were held in Georgia. Revived in this way after 1600 years, the Delphic Games again attract the attention of the public and quickly gain weight. Now young people compete in all types of art.

Participating in such a prestigious competition was not accidental for Evgeny, as talents from the Rostov region have participated in the games more than once and even won gold medals. Our Evgeny did not expect to win the gold medal, but he did.

Yevgeny's poster depicts a boy in his grandfather's military coat, adorned with orders. The coat sleeves are long and reach the floor, but the child's face expresses pride: "Here I am, a real defender of the Motherland." At the top of the poster, there is the inscription: "This is our victory!"

Yevgeny's teacher, poster master Aleksei Mikhailovich Kurmanaevsky, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, helped him a lot. They had to carefully develop the image, select colors, and draw details. Together, Evgeny and Aleksei Mikhailovich achieved the perfect effect, and now the work will go to the international Delphic Games, which will be held in Kyiv.